Who We Are

The BESF is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, religiously neutral, non-discriminatory Federation dedicated to the growth and development of the Esports/Video Gaming culture and community in The Bahamas.

The BESF is composed of Esports Member Clubs, institutions and individuals interested in esports and contributing to its development in The Bahamas

Our vision is that The Bahamas becomes a major player in world-wide eports and becomes a new avenue for entrepreneurship, job creation, tourism, youth empowerment and development among others, with results including improved economy in The Bahamas, happier youth,
improved academic education fostered through esports and a reduction of crime and undesirable behavior especially in youth.

The time, energy, commitment and passion invested in the Federation is derived from our collective vision of what esports in The Bahamas will become.

Michael Armogan

Founder & President

Dennis Dames

Vice President

Deborah Hanna

Co-Founder & Secretary

Adam Hanna


Member Clubs

MOAR Cookies

Black Nebula

Differently Abled Gamers

Esports Wrap


Celestrum Gaming

Bahamas Esports Guild - BESG

King of Games

Members of

International Esports Federation

Global Esports Federation

World Esports Consortium

Bahamas Olympic Committee (Acknowledgement)

Pan American Esports Confederation

Central American & Caribbean Esports Confederation

Esports Integrity Commission

IESF Membership

GEF Certificate

WESCO Certificate

Bahamas Olympic Committee Certificate

PAMESCO Certificate

ESIC Membership