The BESF sets date for Tekken tryouts for national team

Following up after the League of Legends tryouts, The Bahamas Esports Federation is pleased to announce the opening of registration for our Tekken National Tryouts on Saturday, April 25th at 5 PM EST.

Persons who play Tekken are welcome to sign up at, where the rules of the event are also stated. Persons interested in watching may do so at

This will be a PS4 only event, though we are looking at other platforms for the future. Registration is free and open to all Bahamians and persons living in The Bahamas.

From those who enter, we will review their matches and make a selection based on gameplay, mentality, and sportsmanship, along with possible other factors to ensure they are the best pick to represent The Bahamas.

While winning is the end goal and will increase your chances significantly of being picked, it does not guarantee it nor does losing mean you might not get an invitation to the team.

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